Peter Anthony Brooks, Architect

Additions, Before and After
Here are a some before and after photos of residential additions that I have designed.  Typically additions fall into one of four types; rear, front, side and second story.  Depending on the placement of your existing house on the lot and the needs of the project you might have one or some combination of these.  I will take the time to determine which way will be the most cost effective and also will meet your needs then give you a written proposal stating the cost of the design work before I begin.  There is often more than one potential solution so I break the proposal up into to phases so you can have the options priced before we complete the final drawings for construction.  Having a clear set of plans is the best way to save money on construction.

Family Room & Master Suite - Belvedere Ave - Charlotte NC

This rear addition helped to open up the back yard to the inside of the house.  The first floor has a new family room, screened in porch and side entry.  The second floor has a large new master suite with vaulted ceilings, large walk in closet and bath room.  The raised patio with wrap around stair helps to connect the rear yard to the new living spaces.

Master Suite & Front Porch Addition - Montford Road - Charlotte NC

This frontal addition totally changes the look of the house from the street.  Instead of adding on a new room on the back we took the smallest room on the front and expanded it out with a new bath room and walk in closet.  The front porch and covered entrance add great character to the front elevation.  Knowing the zoning setback requirements help to give more possibilities to the design process.

Front Porch Addition - Peach Tree Road - Charlotte NC

It's always nice to meet new clients. Especially when they have the same vision of quality and proportion in mind.  This new front porch on and existing 60's ranch totally transformed the front elevation of the house.  It was wonderful experience to work with such great people.  The rear addition is coming soon and I am looking forward to working with them again on that.

Peach Tree - After

                                                               Peach Tree - Before

Front Porch Addition - Pecan Avenue - Plaza Midwood

This home had been move during the expansion of East Independence Highway.  The addition of a front porch connecting the front and side doors was just the right thing to make it look and feel at home in the neighborhood.


Rear sunroom and Porch Addition -  Clement Avenue - Elizabeth

This two story rear addition has an expanded mother daughter suite on the basement level with a screened in porch and sunroom on the main level.  A new stamped concrete patio and two part stair help to connect the upper and lower outdoor living areas.


Second Story Addition -  Belvedere Avenue - Plaza Midwood

This second story rear addition covered only the existing footprint of the house with a rear covered porch added.  The original brick was left in tact.  What was the bedrooms on the first floor became an open living, dining and family room.  Five bed rooms and three bath rooms were added on the second and third levels.


Second Story & Rear Addition -  Bromley Street - Myers Park

This was a total transformation of a one story two bedroom bungalow into a two story five bedroom estate house.  It was the only one story house on the block before it was renovated.  The Owners requested that an existing kitchen from another house be relocated and incorporated into the design.  The existing porch was reopened up and became a featured design element in the front corner of the house.  You have to look really close to see what parts are the same from before.


Hamorton Avenue - Second Story & Rear Addition

Located in the Plaza Midwood Historic District this home had an undersized second floor.  Approval from the Historic Commission was required to make the roof steeper and ad two dormers.  There was also a small rear addition for a dining area and bath room above.  Every effort was made to preserve the 1920's house.  The original porch is still in tact and matches to four other houses next door and across the street.



Matheson Street Conversion

Located in Plaza Midwood this was a two family house and was converted into a one family house with a rear addition.  This project is one of the most drastic changes both in terms of layout and increase in value for dollar spent that I have seen.  It transformed the corner of the street.



Margurite Avenue Rear Addition

Located in Plaza Midwood this rear addition added an expanded kitchen, master suite and new family room with a stair case to the existing upstairs.  The rear view shows the new screened in porch from inside and outside.




Side, Rear and Second Story Addition - Carmel Road - Charlotte NC

This project more than doubled the heated living area of the house.  The owners love it.  They always say that when they are in the yard people stop the car and say they can't believe that it is the same house.