Peter Anthony Brooks, Architect

New Houses
Below are a few floor plans and photos of new houses that I have designed and a historic house that was moved.  I have a lot of experience working with the historic commission of Charlotte.  I really enjoy working with people to find out how they live and then designing a custom solution to fit their needs.  I can design in any style, from craftsman, traditional and even modern.  I like to give people what they want when it comes to style.  I always design my houses with an eye for efficiency.  I like the end product to come together easily.  I work closely with the owners contractor and engineering teams to insure the design intent is realized.  I can review and monitor the construction process for you.

Contractors House -  Mint Hill

When you have the land its nice to spread out and nothing does it better than a traditional ranch.  This design has features that you usually don't find in a ranch.  We positioned the house on the edge of the hill so that a finished half basement could be incorporated into the design.  The ceilings in many of the first floor rooms are vaulted to eco the roof lines on the exterior.

Farm House - Lincolnton County

Move That House! - From 7th Street to Plaza Midwood Historic District

This 1920's house was located on 7th Street. Working with the Charlotte Historic Commission, we were able to relocate it to the Plaza Midwood Historic District. The center first floor of the house fit through the streets of Charlotte. The second floor and side porch were rebuilt.